Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month – June

The Allentown Rescue Mission is pleased to announce its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for June, Dave S.

Dave checked into the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter in early 2022 after a series of life-devastating events. Dave lost both of his parents within 18 months of each other, causing him to spiral into a deep depression. While Dave was dealing with his grief, he suffered two leg injuries that kept him out of work. Ultimately, the amount of time Dave needed to heal mentally and physically cost him his nearly 20-year career at a thermoplastics company. And unfortunately, his medical bills continued to pile up, making it too much for Dave to handle.

A friend helped Dave research the Allentown Rescue Mission, and he decided the Emergency Shelter was the best place for him to receive help. Here, Dave entered the Transformation Program to change the trajectory of his life. While in the program, Dave always followed instructions, engaged in classes, and volunteered in the kitchen and clothing room. He understood that changing his life involved dedication to the process.

After graduating from the Transformation Program, Dave started employment with the Clean Team Workforce and instantly became a valued employee. He began as a driver but has also worked on moving, cleanouts, and landscaping jobs. Recently, Dave has been filling in as foreman for the Clean Team Workforce and is doing a great job. He is versatile, reliable, and customer service oriented.

Dave’s future plans include saving enough money to move out of the Mission and continuing working as the Clean Team Workforce foreman. Thank you, Dave, for caring about our staff, customers, and the quality of the Clean Team Workforce’s work. We appreciate you.