Clean Team Workforce Employee of The Month for March

The Allentown Rescue Mission congratulates its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for March, Barry B!

Approximately 15 years ago, Barry’s life began to unravel. His father passed away. He battled cancer, but nothing compared to the loss of his mother. Barry worked part-time and rented a house with his mother until she passed away in late 2022. Trying to heal from the loss and make ends meet on one paycheck was overwhelming and eventually, he was evicted from his home. He moved into a hotel for a few months until his money ran out. Out of options, Barry luckily learned about the Allentown Rescue Mission from an acquaintance in December of 2023 and decided to go to the Mission for help.

Barry joined the Mission’s Transformation Program because he was interested in the Bible and life skills classes offered along with the workforce development training. During his time in the program, he enjoyed all the classes and became “more focused” on getting his life together since the loss of his mother. He also made friends easily at the Mission by being open, caring, and honest. He now has a support system of friends and staff to help him in times of need.

After graduating from the Transformation Program in February, Barry started working for the Clean Team Workforce and has been doing a great job street cleaning in Allentown. He enjoys being outside and gets satisfaction from knowing he’s an integral part of a team that keeps the city clean. 

Barry’s future goals are to find a job where he can use his 18 years of experience in screen printing and continue to save money for his next home. He is enrolled in a forklift training course through the Mission’s Education Fund to make himself more employable. The Allentown Rescue Mission wishes Barry the best of luck and continued success.