Clean Team Workforce Employee of The Month for February

The Allentown Rescue Mission congratulates its Clean Team Employee of the Month for February, Angel R.

Angel became homeless after being evicted for falling behind on his rent. He drifted from one friend’s
house to another but confessed he spent his money on drugs rather than saving for his own home.
Angel then fell down a flight of steps and was admitted to the hospital. When he was released, the
hospital referred Angel to the Allentown Rescue Mission since he had nowhere else to go. Angel
entered the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter in October of 2023.

After learning about the Mission’s eight-week Transformation Program, Angel entered the program to
develop the skills he needed to become a “better and more independent” person. In the program,
Angel made new friends, brought God back into his life, and learned important life skills, like budgeting
which he found the most helpful for his future.

Angel graduated from the Transformation Program in December 2023 and has been working on the
Clean Team Workforce since then. Angel is a versatile employee who has succeeded in many different
jobs. Street cleaning, estate cleanouts, and light landscaping are just a few of the jobs he has
performed. Recently, an opening became available in the Food Service Department of the Allentown
Rescue Mission. Angel was offered the position and accepted.

While he continues to work for the Clean Team Workforce, Angel will be able to utilize the Mission’s
educational scholarship fund financed by two loyal donors to take a forklift certification course. He
knows there are many warehousing opportunities currently available in the Lehigh Valley and hopes to
start a new career with a forklift certification.

The Allentown Rescue Mission is proud to have Angel as its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the
Month and wishes him the best in starting his forklift training in April to help propel him into a great