Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for December

The Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team Workforce congratulates its Employee of the Month for December, John S. 

John came to the Allentown Rescue Mission after he developed medical problems. He worked as a traffic controller until he began having seizures. As a result of the seizures, John lost the privilege of driving and then lost his job. Unable to pay his rent and support his family, John entered the Mission with the hope of finding a new path for himself and his family.

John graduated from the eight-week Transformation Program in December 2023 and has been working for the Clean Team Workforce since then. He has performed different types of work, including estate cleanouts and, most recently, windowpane installation. John enjoys the hard work and the comradery he has developed with his coworkers, making him an important part of the team.  

With time to reflect on how to help his family and with guidance from Mission staff, John has decided to enroll in forklift training through the Mission’s scholarship program. He worked in a warehouse driving a forklift in the past but realized that he would have more opportunities with a forklift certification. 

John is hoping to reunite with his family in Stroudsburg, but knows he needs to find secure, long-term employment first. He is currently saving money working for the Clean Team Workforce during the day and is taking forklift classes in the evening. 

About the Clean Team Workforce:  The Clean Team Workforce is a workforce development program that is available to men who graduate from the Allentown Rescue Mission’s eight-week Transformation Program.  Participants are paid above Pennsylvania state minimum wage and perform real work in the community while learning valuable life skills and workplace values.  By the time men leave the Clean Team Workforce, they’ve typically saved enough money for an apartment, secured permanent employment, and have been restored as productive members of the community.