Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for February

The Allentown Rescue Mission congratulates its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for February, James F.

James worked for the Clean Team Workforce in 2015 after he graduated from the Transformation Program. He remained employed by the Clean Team Workforce for almost a year to save money for rent and to secure a job at a restaurant in Allentown.
James worked at the restaurant for nearly five years until the pandemic forced the restaurant to close. Without a purpose, James fell into a deep depression. He couldn’t pay for his room and needed to find somewhere else to stay.

He was familiar with the Allentown Rescue Mission from his prior stay but felt as though going back would be a failure. After wrestling with the idea, he decided to come back to the Mission so that he wouldn’t be dependent on other people.

James re-entered the Transformation Program where he learned to better understand his past and how it contributes to his present decisions and circumstances. He also learned how to be open to new situations, and although he enjoyed being in the program, James longed to work again.

He started working for the Clean Team Workforce as a driver in August 2022. James transported men to their jobs and was also in charge of his own crew doing off-site landscaping jobs. When a position became available in the Food Service Department at the Allentown Rescue Mission, James took the job. He prepares food, accepts and organizes food donations, and helps coordinate the tasks of other men in the department. Around the Mission, James is known for the great salads he makes for lunch and dinner.

James has already saved enough money working for the Clean Team Workforce to rent an apartment. He currently lives on his own and works part-time for the Food Service Department, but is interested in working full-time should a permanent position become available. James is a hard worker and shows up every day ready to go. The Allentown Rescue Mission is proud to have James as its February employee of the month.