Clean Team Worker of the Month – Shaheed

The Allentown Rescue Mission congratulates its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for July, Shaheed B.

Shaheed grew up in New Jersey with three of his siblings, where they struggled to get by. Shaheed dropped out of high school as a freshman but later worked hard to earn his GED. However, making ends meet in New Jersey was difficult, so Shaheed moved to Pennsylvania in search of better opportunities.

Shaheed secured roommates and an apartment. But unfortunately, the arrangements fell through. Shaheed knew people who had stayed at the Allentown Rescue Mission and decided to give it a shot.

While in the Emergency Shelter, Shaheed learned about the eight-week Transformation Program offered at the Allentown Rescue Mission and how it could change his life.  He decided to join.  Once enrolled in the program, Shaheed embraced the opportunity for a better life. He followed all instructions given to him, engaged in class study, and volunteered to help maintain the shelter’s clothing room. Shaheed graduated on June 14, 2021, and immediately began working for the Clean Team Workforce.

Shaheed demonstrates good workplace values daily. He arrives at work every day ready to give one hundred percent. He never complains. And he likes to help others and looks for ways to give back to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Shaheed’s first assignment was weed whacking in the hot summer sun at the Bethlehem Landfill. Shaheed excelled at the job and was asked by his supervisors to stay another few weeks.  He has also worked for the City of Allentown mowing the grass of private nuisance properties and helped customers with basic landscaping and estate cleanouts. Most recently, Shaheed took an assignment with a local company that has the potential to turn into a permanent position.

The Allentown Rescue Mission applauds Shaheed for his excellent work ethic, which led him to his current employment opportunity.