Clean Team Worker of the Month – Robert

The Allentown Rescue Mission is proud to announce its Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for April, Robert S.

Robert grew up in an unstable environment.  His parents fought constantly, leaving Robert feeling insecure.  The inadequacy he felt as a child carried over into adulthood.  As a result, Robert moved around a lot.  He had trouble settling down until he arrived in Pennsylvania.

For four years, Robert lived and worked in Allentown.  Unfortunately, the rent for his apartment increased considerably, and Robert was unable to continue paying the higher rent.  After exhausting all of his financial resources, Robert lost his place to live. 

Luckily for Robert, he heard a radio advertisement for the Allentown Rescue Mission and decided to go there for help.  After spending time in the Emergency Shelter, Robert joined the eight-week Transformation Program.

In the Transformation Program, Robert learned life skills and how to develop a relationship with Christ.  He now believes that anyone can find their way to God through the Transformation Program.  Robert graduated from the program in December 2020 and made it his goal to practice what he’s learned to improve his life.

After graduating from the Transformation Program, Robert started working for the Clean Team Workforce at a metal recycling company.  Robert reports to work from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm and has not missed a day in the four months he has worked for the company.  He enjoys his work and hopes to be hired permanently by the company.

Congratulations, Robert. The Allentown Rescue Mission commends you on your hard work and dedication to your job.