Clean Team Worker of the Month – Bill

The Allentown Rescue Mission announces its Clean Team worker of the Month for June, Bill H.

Bill worked as a Philadelphia Firefighter for 33 ½ years. He loved his job and dedicated his life to his career. Unfortunately, Bill developed medical issues due to his work and needed to step away from his job. As Bill coped with his career changes, a cruel twist of fate occurred, changing his life even more dramatically. Bill’s wife passed away.

Bill came to the Allentown Rescue Mission very angry with the way his life turned out. However, he changed his outlook on life while in the eight-week Transformation Program at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Bill invested time and effort into the program, and in turn, he completed the program with a new attitude.

After graduation, Bill joined the Clean Team Workforce as a driver/laborer and is an asset to the team. Bill is always ready to work and fill in for open shifts on the weekend. He is a hard worker and has finished many assignments ahead of schedule. He also helps his fellow workers with rides to job sites.

Additionally, WFMZ recently featured Bill in a Father’s Day story. And although he was unable to see his children on Father’s Day, he maintains a relationship with his son and daughter. Bill will continue to work on the Clean Team Workforce until he receives his pension from the fire department. Then, he plans to move back to Upper Darby and spend time with his son and daughter.

“The Allentown Rescue Mission helps with everything in life. It helps you move forward”, Bill stated. And while this statement is true, it still requires the men to hold themselves accountable and work towards change. The Allentown Rescue Mission congratulates Bill on all the hard work he has put into turning his life around.