Clean Team Employee Spotlight- Antoine

The Allentown Rescue Mission and The Clean Team would like to congratulate their Worker of the Month for April, Antoine T.

Antoine came to the Allentown Rescue Mission looking for help. The assistance needed was mostly financial due to his past financial obligations. He has been here before but has been struggling to support himself again because of those obligations.

While in the Transformation Program, Antoine has followed all instructions given to him, and has always been helpful to others in the program. He has been a mentor for new guests at the Allentown Rescue Mission and has helped those who have been in his same position. He is always willing to go the extra mile including doing his assigned chores and maintaining a clean bedroom. Antione, a believer in Christ, has attended City Limits on Ridge Ave in Allentown for several years and is active in his church. Antoine graduated from the Transformation Program on March 2, 2020.

Antoine demonstrates all 10 Workplace Values on a daily basis, but the one value that really sticks out with Antoine is that he is productive. Antoine loves to work and get things done and he is not happy if he can’t be productive. Antoine used to be a professional boxer and knows it takes hard work to produce results and gain a sense of self accomplishment.

Antoine has worked many types of offsite jobs with the Clean Team:  Construction, Demolition, Moving jobs, Cleanouts, Yard Cleanups, Mulching, Landscaping, Trash Picking, etc. Currently, Antoine is working off-site jobs with the Clean Team foreman, Francisco.

Antoine’s goal for the future is to continue working, stay out of trouble, and look forward to the day he can support a household instead of being supported by his family due to his past financial obligations.