Charitable Gift Provides Needed Medical Assistance for the Less Fortunate

The Allentown Rescue Mission has seen first-hand the negative effects that limited access to medical care has on the homeless population. To help its clients, the Mission not only operates the on-site DeSales Free Medical Clinic, but also offers monetary assistance for critical, or emergency medical needs not covered by insurance through a bequest donated to the Mission by Dr. Edward Gianforte.

Most men who enter the Emergency Shelter qualify for Medicaid, a jointly funded program through the federal and state governments to provide health and long-term care to low-income families and individuals, but a significant number of men need help applying for and accessing the insurance. Staff at the Allentown Rescue Mission work with the men to get them insurance coverage, ensure they are seen by the DeSales Free Medical Clinic, and assist them with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The Gianforte Grant has covered out-of-pocket expenses for eye exams, eyeglasses, dental work, prescription orthopedic shoes, prescription medications, and other medically necessary items for many clients. Aaron, a client employed by the Clean Team Workforce, recently benefited from the grant. “When I came to the Mission, I had no glasses and had been using the same pair of contacts for months. I also had not been to the dentist in over 4 years. But thanks to the Grant and God’s grace, I now have glasses, and my dental needs have been addressed. Because of this gracious gift, I am now able to focus on my recovery and transformation back into a complete man, father, and son,” expressed Aaron. 

About Dr. Edward Gianforte:

Dr. Gianforte earned graduate degrees in medical microbiology and pathogenesis and went on to become a board-certified radiologist. He served the needy in Allentown at the Allentown Veteran Clinic and left his estate to organizations that help the less fortunate. Dr. Gianforte earmarked money given to the Allentown Rescue Mission to increase and improve medical care provided to the underprivileged.