Celebrating Twelve Men Who Graduated from our Christian Living Program

Allentown Rescue Mission

Celebrating twelve men who graduated

Please join us in congratulating the twelve men who graduated from our Christian Living Program during the second quarter of 2019.  Stephen, Raymond, Anthony, James, Dean, Pedro, Kariem, Eashon, Todd, Michael, Curtis, and James may sound like ordinary names, but these are not ordinary men, and they have extraordinary stories.

All twelve have one thing in common: they came to the Allentown Rescue Mission because they were homeless.  They are now on their way to becoming productive members of society.  One has received his barber license and practices in Allentown.  Another works in a manufacturing facility in the Lehigh Valley.  Several have become employees at the Mission working in either maintenance or housekeeping, or cooking meals for fellow residents and staff.

These twelve men, like all of our graduates, came to us because they had no place to go.  They embraced our Christian Living Program, and transitioned from homelessness to our Clean Team, and finally to employment outside the Mission and independence.

These men are on a journey to a productive life, and the Allentown Rescue Mission is here to help them thanks to our donors.  The next time you see a man wearing a blue shirt keeping our city clean think about his story.  He came to the Mission because he had no place to go.  Now he is working to make both his life, and our city, better.

Congratulations men of second quarter 2019!