Books to the Rescue Celebrates a Successful Start

The Allentown Rescue Mission commemorated its first Books to the Rescue delivery to Clearview Elementary School in the Bethlehem School District. The 300 book donation will support early learning and reading for young students who do not have the resources at home to supplement COVID-limited school efforts. The Allentown Rescue Mission established Books to the Rescue when it recognized the opportunity to help both the community and the men in its Transformation Program.

Early learning in kindergarten and first grade forms the foundation of the entire educational process. And reading at home with family members has been identified as a vital component of learning how to read. However, local educators have found that many families do not have the necessary resources at home. The lack of at-home supplies has resulted in the most vulnerable students falling behind.

Rachel Hudock, first-grade teacher, Clearview Elementary School, said, “During this pandemic, parents began asking for more books for their children to read at home. While I can provide instruction, school textbooks, and technology, I couldn’t provide reading books to all students. A program like Books to the Rescue means that our students will be provided with more at-home resources to help pave the way for student success.”

To help local schools and students, the Allentown Rescue Mission expanded its donation request to include pre-school and elementary level books. Once the books arrive at the Allentown Rescue Mission, the men in the Transformation Program collect, catalog, classify and organize the donated books for distribution. Books to the Rescue supports the entire community; teachers gain access to much-needed resources, young students learn to read, and homeless men develop a sense of responsibility to their community.

The Allentown Rescue Mission asks donors to support the entire community by dropping off books at its location, 355 Hamilton Street, Allentown. For more information, please contact