Allentown Rotary Donates Food to Homeless Men after Big Event at the Rotary Fountain

A partnership is formed in downtown Allentown

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On August 15th the Rotary Club of Allentown, Pennsylvania had a celebration Mixer at the Rotary Fountain on 7th Street in front of the County Courthouse….the Dream Come True for Rotarian, the late Warren Armstrong. They decided to enjoy a summer night as a club. Members stopped by for some time to see the bricks donated with dedications on them. Several years ago, members purchased bricks to fund the Fountain as a gift to the city. Thank you, Wendy Body and Lou Bottitta, for your work in creating a lovely night for all including a huge buffet of food! 

The food included pizzas, veggie and dip trays, cheese trays, and Mediterranean trays.  Recently the Development Manager of the Allentown Rescue Mission, Rosaria Stoops, joined the Rotary.  Due to Rosaria’s involvement with the Rotary and the Rotary’s firm belief in service to the local Allentown Community, they decided to donate all the food left over!  It was a huge donation for the mission.

The Allentown Rescue Mission was able to put the food out for lunch the next day.  It was a big treat for the men of the mission.  They were happy to get something new for lunch and enjoyed the change up!  Thanks to donors like the Allentown Rotary the Allentown Rescue Mission can keep food costs down.  Every meal only costs $2.37 per person per meal!  On a yearly basics the Mission serves 55,191 meals.  It also provides over 30,380 nights of shelter and has about 900 men come through the doors.