Allentown Rescue Mission’s June Billboards

The Allentown Rescue Mission launched its 2021 “I AM” billboard campaign on June 20, 2021.  The new 12-month effort celebrates community partnerships and volunteers and highlights the stories of the men who have recently stayed at the Mission. 

The “I AM” slogan used by the Allentown Rescue Mission demonstrates that everyone is a part of the Allentown Rescue Mission.  The featured people on the billboards say, “I AM the Allentown Rescue Mission.” The first billboards of the campaign are Jaindl Farms & Land Development, Fig Bethlehem, and Randall, a client of the Mission. 

Jaindl Farms & Land Development believe they owe their success to their customers and community.  So they continually strive to give back to them.  The Jaindl foundation supports various non-profit organizations in the Lehigh Valley.  They’ve provided turkey products at a discount to the Allentown Rescue Mission for many years.

Fig Bethlehem encourages its readers to find a way to connect with their community.  Each issue of Fig Magazine celebrates successes in the Lehigh Valley and informs readers when a neighbor needs a helping hand.  Over the past year, Fig Bethlehem has partnered with the Allentown Rescue Mission to fight homelessness and to promote the Allentown Rescue Mission’s new health-conscious meal program.

Randall came to the Allentown Rescue Mission after spiraling down a path of self-destruction.  He didn’t plan on staying at the shelter long.  He had job interviews set up and a strategy to save money.  Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and Randall was forced to change his plans.  Instead, Randall decided to join the Transformation Program.  The unexpected detour proved to be one of the most important decisions of Randall’s life.  The program completely changed Randall.  He proudly proclaimed, “I feel that I can do things with my life now, that I am somebody, I am positive.”  Randall has since reconnected with his wife and daughter and is rebuilding his relationship with his son.  He hopes to one day own a home where his grandchildren can visit him.

While driving around Allentown, put a face to these people and their inspiring stories.  The billboards are located at: 

·         15th Street, 0.1 mi north of Sumner Avenue

·         Tilghman Street, 10 ft. east of Werley Road

·         Hamilton Street, 0.5 mi east of S. St. Elmo Street

·         US 22, 1.3 mi west of PA 987

·         Hamilton Street, 30 ft. east of PA 145

·         American Parkway Bridge, 275 ft. east on N. Front Street

·         15th Street, 0.15 mi south of Elm Street

·         Lehigh Street, 150 ft. west of Vultee Street

·         Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, 0.1 mi east of 15th Street

·         S. 3rd Street (Basin Street), 0.1 mi south of Union Street