Allentown Rescue Mission Provides ServSafe National Food Handler Training

“Three Men Receive ServSafe Food Handler Certificates”

If you ever had an opportunity to visit the Allentown Rescue Mission and tour our facility, you might have met Food Service Manager, Terry Miklas. Terry is famous for wearing his Allentown Rescue Mission T-shirt which displays the words “Changing Lives” across the front. Changing Lives is what the Allentown Rescue Mission is known for and Terry is doing just that.

            Terry leads the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Food Service Department which provides over 42,900 meals a year to homeless men who are staying at the Mission. Along with that, Terry teaches a ServSafe “Food Handler Certification Course” to men in the Transformation Program who are interested in learning about the restaurant business.

            ServSafe is a nationally accredited program developed by the National Restaurant Association to teach and prepare participants for employment in the food service industry. This course provides comprehensive introductory knowledge that covers basic food safety, proper cooking temperatures, proper storage, hand washing, hygiene, basic cooking skills, and more.

            Upon the successful completion of the course and written test, participants are issued a lifetime certificate. ServSafe certificate holders have a higher likelihood of successfully obtaining employment in the food service industry over applicants that have no credentials.

            Outside of the Allentown Rescue Mission, enrollment and course fees cost a participant hundreds of dollars but at the Allentown Rescue Mission, we provide members of the Transformation Program the opportunity to take the course for free.

            Most recently, three program participants; Evans O, Jose C, and Jeff C (pictured from left to right above) successfully obtained their certification. They are joining the ranks of 75 additional men who have successfully obtained their certificates through the Allentown Rescue Mission’s program over the past four years.

            The Allentown Rescue Mission has confidence that if these men decide to go into the restaurant industry that they will have the proper knowledge and fundamentals in order to be a success.