Allentown Rescue Mission Make-and-Drop Program

Provide home-cooked meals for homeless men

As restrictions lift from the pandemic, the Allentown Rescue Mission is finding new ways their donors can give back. The Allentown Rescue Mission is starting up its Make-and-Serve program once again, but with a twist. The program has shifted to a Make-and-Drop.

            The Make-and-Serve program had allowed volunteers to prepare a meal at home, bring it to the Allentown Rescue Mission, and then serve it to the men. This program halted for safety reasons when COVID-19 closed most of the Lehigh Valley.

            The newly implemented Make-and-Drop program allows volunteers to prepare a meal at home and bring it to the Allentown Rescue Mission. However, employees of the Allentown Rescue Mission will serve the food until further notice.

            Providing a Make-and-Drop meal is simple. Sign up for a time and date following the instructions on the website, prepare a meal at home, and drop it off at the Allentown Rescue Mission using the curbside drop-off.

            With your help, the Allentown Rescue Mission can continue to provide rescue, rehabilitation, restoration, and warm meals to those who need it most.

            For more information on the program and to see how you can drop off a meal, visit

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