Allentown Rescue Mission Honors Clean Team Member of the Month, Gilbert

Congratulation to September’s Worker of the Month, Gilbert! Gilbert has had many hardships; he didn’t know his father, and he lost his mother. The lack of parents and close family made him feel that no one was interested in helping or caring for him. 

Gilbert is a Pennsylvania native and a 2018 graduate of our Transformation Program. After graduation, he spent a brief time in Florida with relatives. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to earn enough money to support himself.  After struggling and losing focus in his faith, he decided to return to the Allentown Rescue Mission to get his life together.

Gilbert began working with the Clean Team this year and has been doing well. He has many different assignments, such as street cleaning, landscaping, demolition, and property clean-ups.  His best workplace attribute is his flexibility.  He can efficiently perform different jobs from day to day; he’ll fill in and do any job that needs to get done.

Gilbert has been working hard, saving money, and looks forward to what all the future holds. Thank you, Gilbert, for being a valued member of The Clean Team and an excellent role model to the rest of the men!