Allentown Rescue Mission Helps the Community by Assisting Non-Residents

On Monday, October 10, 2022, Allentown City Council president, Cynthia Mota took on the difficult task of securing housing for five homeless men in Allentown with individual families. She enlisted the help of the Allentown Rescue Mission to provide basic necessities for the men, making it easier for the designated families to take them into their homes.

Although the men did not require shelter at the Mission, David Zinni, Transformation Program Manager at the Allentown Rescue Mission, provided them with food, clothing, shoes, blankets, and hygiene products, and offered them words of comfort and advice for the next chapter of their lives.

Ms. Mota praised David Zinni and the Allentown Rescue Mission for their assistance and treatment of the men. “They needed welcoming and care, and that’s what the Allentown Rescue Mission gave them. Dave treated all the men with dignity and respect. They felt human again after meeting with him.”

A lesser-known fact in the community is that the Allentown Rescue Mission often provides underprivileged, non-residents of the shelter with bagged meals and clothing. Through the outreach program, the Allentown Rescue Mission hopes to build trust with those struggling to survive on the streets and eventually bring them into a safe environment for other life-changing services, such as shelter, medical care, and substance abuse treatment.

The kindness and generosity of its nearly 22,000 donors allow the Allentown Rescue Mission to provide meals and clothing to men in need.