Ajay and Vanita Soni

Ajay and Vanita Soni have brought their youth group to the Allentown Rescue Mission for over five years to participate in our Make and Serve Program.  Recently, our Make and Serve Program has become the Shop and Drop Program.  Participants purchase grocery items to make their favorite recipe, (or any meal that they would like to supply to our men), and drop it off at the Mission for the kitchen staff to prepare and serve. This youth group continues to donate their time and money to purchase ingredients for two meals per week for our hungry men. Ajay and Vanita say “As long as there is a way to help, we are with you!”  We’d like to take this time to recognize this group for all that they do, and for all that they continue to do for the Allentown Rescue Mission. Thank you for your time and efforts! You are a blessing!

To learn how you can participate, go to allentownrescuemission.org or call our Food Service Department at (610) 740-5500 ext. 319 to talk to one of our Food Service employees.