A Life Restored

(ALLENTOWN, PA) – Two years clean and nearly two years employed, the Allentown Rescue Mission is  proud to celebrate AJ’s transformation from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  

AJ arrived at the Allentown Rescue Mission for the first time in 2009. He struggled with living a  productive life while maintaining a drug and alcohol habit. He believed he could do both, which brought  him back to the Mission multiple times. “I was on a rollercoaster that most people might have been  inclined to give up, but I didn’t, and luckily the Allentown Rescue Mission didn’t give up on me,” stated  AJ. 

The last time AJ checked into the Emergency Shelter; he decided his life needed to change. “I was sick  and tired of being sick and tired.” In March of 2022, AJ completed the Mission’s Transformation  Program, where he learned life skills, grew in his faith, and excelled in art therapy classes. He was then  hired by the Clean Team Workforce. He began working for HYDAC Technology Corporation as a Clean  Team Workforce employee. Within six months, HYDAC hired AJ as a permanent employee, and he  continues to work there today. 

AJ owns a car, lives independently in Allentown, and has reconnected with family in the area. He is  especially proud of the relationship he has rebuilt with his daughter. “It makes me feel so good to be  able to do things for her. I really wasn’t there for her in the past,” he admitted. 

“My life is the total opposite of what it used to be, I’m clean and sober and employed. I have so many  positive opportunities and supportive people around me, I can’t imagine living any other way. The  Allentown Rescue Mission and HYDAC together have changed my life.” 

About HYDAC: HYDAC provides fluid power solutions to OEM’s, manufacturers and end  users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. These solutions increase  the efficiency, longevity and safety of fluid power systems.  

HYDAC is committed to employing disadvantaged individuals and partners with the  Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team Workforce to meet hiring needs. 


The Allentown Rescue Mission, a 501c3, 123 bed non-profit homeless shelter has been providing shelter  for homeless men since 1900. In addition to emergency shelter services (365 days a year), the Allentown  Rescue Mission offers a residential life skills program, and transitional employment on the Clean Team Workforce that’s available for hire to the community. The Clean Team Workforce pays the men above  PA state minimum wage– helping them save a nest egg to transition back into the community. In a  typical year, the Allentown Rescue Mission provides shelter services for over 946 men per year, and  serves over 42,000 meals a year to men in need. 

To refer someone to the Allentown Rescue Mission for services or to learn ways you can help make a  difference please visit www.allentownrescuemission.org