A Date with Dad

(ALLENTOWN, PA) – The Allentown Rescue Mission will hold its first Date with Dad luncheon this
Father’s Day. The father/child cookout will bring homeless dads together with their children for an
afternoon of food, fun, and family bonding.

Many homeless dads spend Father’s Day separated from their children. J.P., an Allentown Rescue
Mission guest and current employee of the Mission’s Clean Team Workforce, has four children that he
hasn’t seen since arriving at the shelter. “I miss them. You think about your kids, but also try not to, so
you can do everything you need to do to get your life back,” explains J.P. “I would love to see my kids on
Father’s Day!”

Additionally, guests in the Transformation Program will explore topics such as fatherhood
responsibilities and second chances with family. The staff will emphasize the importance of family
relationships and the positive effects of having a father present in the home.

Statistics regarding fatherless homes reveal elevated incidents of runaway children, children living in
poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and incarceration. The Allentown Rescue Mission works year-round to
rescue, rehabilitate, and restore men to their families and communities.

“Part of restoration is reconciliation. Though many of our guests feel they have burned all their bridges,
it’s a blessing when they are able to reconcile with family members, especially their children,” added
Mark Faucette, Transformation Program Associate at the Allentown Rescue Mission.