Transformation Program Graduate – Robert K.

Prior to coming to the Allentown Rescue Mission, Robert K.’s home life was relatively stable. He suffered trauma in his past, but recently his life was moving in a positive direction. Robert was supporting himself and living in a boarding house with roommates whom he got along with well. He was happy until his past became his present once again. A past abuser found where Robert was living, forcing Robert to relocate for his own protection. It was at this point that Robert dialed “211” to find an alternate place to stay and was referred to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

During his time in the Transformation Program, Robert worked hard to help himself and the Allentown Rescue Mission. He made great strides in letting go of many of his past painful memories through the classes offered here. Robert indicated that he also learned invaluable skills such as financial control and how to become “a better person in the long run.”

Robert graduated from the Transformation Program and began work with the Clean Team Workforce. One of Robert’s goals moving forward is to save enough money for an affordable place to live. He would also love to get a car in the future so that he can efficiently support himself.