Transformation Program Graduate – Andy

Andy came back to the Allentown Rescue Mission due to a lack of safe and affordable housing near his family in Texas. Unable to stay with his daughter and with no other recourse, Andy returned to Allentown, wondering how he could move forward with his life. After all, Andy had graduated from the Transformation Program about a year earlier and was struggling with feelings of shame and regret about being homeless again.

Andy came to the Emergency Shelter and spoke with a Program staff member that encouraged Andy that he did not have to worry or feel bad about his situation. The Transformation Program would be happy to help him get back on his feet and find a more suitable living arrangement upon his departure. While in the Program, Andy was reminded that even though his situation did not turn out the way he had hoped, and even when it felt like Andy was abandoned, God was still with him and would help to guide him through the darkest moments.

Andy said finding people that care about him and want to help him has really “kept his spirits up”. Andrew has since graduated from the Transformation Program and has started working for the Clean Team Workforce. He is working with Transformation Program staff members to find an apartment and a more stable support network for when he eventually moves out on his own. God bless you, Andy!