Transformation Program Graduate – William

Before William came to the Allentown Rescue Mission, he lived with family, who he had a good relationship with, and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.  However, after a misunderstanding with his mother, William made his way to a familiar refuge.  William’s father was a former client and is currently an employee of the Allentown Rescue Mission, so William knew exactly where to go for help.

While William was in the Transformation Program, he participated in the classes and noticeably grew in his knowledge of the Bible and real-life lessons.  He was very friendly and positive with the staff and his peers.  William stated that one of the things he learned while in the Transformation Program was “to accept people for who they are.”

After graduating from the program, William moved on to work for the Clean Team Workforce, which he is still a part of today.  His goal is to continue to work with the Clean Team Workforce until he has enough money saved to live on his own and, from there, to join the Police Academy to pursue a career in law enforcement.  William’s success story is still being written every day as he continues to move forward on a positive path.