Transformation Program Graduate – David S.

There are many different reasons that men end up at the door of the Allentown Rescue Mission. For David S., he was left homeless after a fire ravaged the building where he was living, displacing all of the tenants. David was shocked when he returned home from work to find the building completely gutted, but he knew where to go for help.

David was a former guest of the Allentown Rescue Mission. He graduated from the Transformation Program and was able to maintain his independence for several years, until this situation, which was no fault of his own, caused him to lose everything. Well, almost everything.

David came back to the shelter knowing that he would not only find help getting off the street, but regaining direction in his life and moving forward again. David shared that this calamity made him realize the need to refocus his life, as well as, better prepare for unexpected situations.

So David went through the Transformation program a second time. He was able to find the encouragement and direction that he needed to strengthen his spiritual life and regain his focus on the Lord. David received counsel, soaked up the Biblical teachings, and took advantage of opportunities to read many books and deepen his faith in God.

David also cited that the financial classes offered in the program, particularly the ones on budgeting and saving, were helpful. He realized he needed to handle his finances better so he can retain his independence, even if a disaster happens.

At David’s graduation from the Transformation Program, he shared how God had worked through this catastrophe, and that he was thankful that he could once again find help at the Allentown Rescue Mission when he needed it the most.