Transformation Program Graduate – James E.

Meet recent Transformation Program graduate James E. James came to the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter after 2 years in Northampton County Prison. Prior to his conviction, James worked a union job as a heavy equipment operator and was living a happy and comfortable life. However, James was arrested three times for driving on a suspended license. James admits that his actions were foolish. He’s ashamed of what he did; it cost him his reputation and relationships, along with his job and residence. James also felt sorry for putting his elderly father under much stress because of his repeated poor choices.

In the shelter, James decided to join the Transformation Program. While in the program, James was able to rekindle his relationship with God. After a conversation with a staff member, James felt comfort in knowing that he has people in his life who were here to help him and that he could start over and right the wrongs from his past. “I learned that I can overcome anything, but I must put Jesus first”. James shared that before he was in the program, he was filled with shame, but since going through the Transformation program, he has found help and relief in dealing with his inner struggles.

James is looking forward to a fresh start. He is eager to work for the Clean Team Workforce and to get his license restored. James has demonstrated sincere gratitude for the opportunity to move forward in his life, and he is looking forward to the day when he can see his father again, without hanging his head in shame but rather holding it high, knowing that he is doing the right thing with his life.