Transformation Program Graduate – Michael H.

Recent Transformation Program graduate Michael H. recalls a “good life” when he enjoyed success owning his own construction business and later a graphic design business. However, the last few years have been filled with turmoil and struggles for Michael.

Michael experienced severe health issues that cost him his livelihood and his independence. Persisting health problems, constant doctors’ appointments, and frequent changes in medication compounded with his anxiety and depression led him to become suicidal. Michael states that “everything just kept piling up, and before I knew it, I had no way out.”

Michael was hospitalized for several months, and during that time, he lost his residence. Discharged from the hospital with nowhere to stay, Michael came to the Allentown Rescue Mission. After a couple of weeks, he decided to join the Transformation Program. While in the program, Michael learned more about himself. “I always loved reading the Bible, but it never occurred to me that just reading it and remembering it was not the real purpose. Believing, trusting, and living in your faith in Jesus is the right way.” He has had a renewed faith in The Lord and a refreshed desire to study the Bible and Theology. “The Program taught me a lot about leading a good Christian life. I always try to put Jesus into everything I do and every decision I make now with those skills. I am also using the same lesson to ensure that I never turn away from Him or let this temporary life distract me from what’s most important,” Michael proclaimed.

Now that Michael has graduated, he hopes to join the Clean Team Workforce, maintain good physical and mental health, and ultimately start his own business in construction or graphic design. Plus, he wants to further his education in Theological Studies.

There is an old saying that “it is darkest before the dawn.” While Michael had become acquainted with darkness these last few years, he has found the light again, looking forward to living with a new lease on life. He knows it won’t be an easy road ahead, but he has faith that it will all work out for good because of his relationship with God and a strong support network for him to lean on.