Transformation Program Graduate – Kenneth

Kenneth is a recent graduate of our Transformation Program and a former US Marine Corps Master Sergeant. When he left the Marines, Kenneth when on to work at Mack Trucks until he retired. He had a stable life and his own apartment; unfortunately, his structured life came crashing down when his landlord raised his rent.

Kenneth felt the increase was unfair and refused to pay the rent. He lost his apartment, became homeless, and admits he let his pride get the best of him. On the street, Kenneth spoke to another homeless man who directed him to us. In our Emergency Shelter, he saw how the Transformation Program could improve his life and quickly signed up.

In the program, Kenneth learned invaluable Bible knowledge and other life skills, but, according to Kenneth, the other clients helped him the most. He told us, “living with them day by day, interacting with them, working through circumstances as they arise, and communicating with them positively helps.”

Usually, graduates of the Transformation Program go on to work on our Clean Team Workforce. However, Kenneth has used his time with us to connect with his family. He will now enjoy the rest of his retirement surrounded by family. Best of luck, Kenneth!