Transformation Program Graduate – David K.

Meet recent Transformation Program graduate David. David’s spiritual journey began when a work friend invited him to church. “What did I have to lose?” thought David. Although he wasn’t much of a religious person, he thought he might as well give the church a shot. David’s single church visit was a life-changing experience. “My life was never the same”, he said.

David made God and church a regular part of his life. After a 16 month stay at an Adult & Teen Challenge, a faith-based addiction treatment program, David was able to pull his life together. He worked in different ministries in various roles, from cook to program director. David loved working and the opportunity to serve and help others. Unfortunately, David had a heart attack in 2015, followed by diabetes complications which left him unable to work normally. Eventually, he had to stay in a nursing home to recover from foot surgery associated with his diabetes. However, once his insurance ran out, David found himself with nowhere to go. Once David was discharged from the nursing home, he came to our Emergency Shelter.

Here, David decided to join the Transformation Program to regain stability and move forward. Along the way, David refocused on his relationship with God and gained new friendships with peers who supported his road to recovery.

As David continues on his way out of homelessness, he states, “When all is said and done, I will continue to know that God has control of everything”. David thanks the Allentown Rescue Mission for the time and opportunity to heal physically and spiritually and the chance to regain normalcy in his life.