Transformation Program Graduate – Kyle

Kyle recently graduated from our Transformation Program. He grew up in a loving home with his parents and two siblings. However, when his mom passed away in 2018, he began to make some bad choices. Soon, Kyle found himself homeless and on probation. Luckily, when he needed a place to stay, he found our shelter. 

Here, he joined the Transformation Program and worked hard to improve himself. Kyle encourages the men to join the program, “the biggest thing that will stick with me is that all things are possible through God and faith.” 

Kyle was able to save enough money to move out and hopes to continue working so that he can pay off his court costs, get off probation, and keep moving forward. Good luck Kyle! We’re glad you’ve learned from your mistakes and are willing to improve as a person. We all make mistakes, but it takes courage and strength to face them and move past them.