Transformation Program Graduate – Kevin

Meet Kevin, a recent Transformation Program graduate. He made a few mistakes in life but is working hard to change his old patterns and create a new life for himself. Kevin grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, playing various sports and eventually moved to the Lehigh Valley. 

Unfortunately, that’s when his family life started to go awry. His father became homeless and took shelter in our facility. Kevin made the wrong choices and lost his job and apartment to drugs. 

He came to us for help and joined the Transformation Program, where he put in the work to change. Kevin tells the other men in our shelter that the program “will help you turn your life around.” He also credits the program with teaching him to put God first. 

Now that he’s graduated, Kevin wants to save money so that he can get an apartment. Keep working hard, Kevin, and we’re sure you’ll reach all your goals!