Transformation Program Graduate – Dennis

Dennis had a rough childhood that he spent “surviving”, so he didn’t have a family to turn to when he became homeless. He first came to us in 2019 when he couldn’t afford his rent. At first, he wasn’t sure the Transformation Program was right for him, but the kindness of our staff induced him to join. 

Dennis was able to complete the program, save money, and move out. Unfortunately, in May, he lost his job and had to come back. He’s happy to have a place to go when “life gets rough and needs to reassess his situation.”  

We’re always happy to give men the time they need to get back on track, especially for men like Dennis, who work hard to improve themselves. Dennis has worked since he was a teenager. He has no history of addiction or abuse; he’s just one of the millions of American that are 1 to 2 paychecks away from homelessness. 

Now that Dennis has graduated from the program, he plans to save money to regain his independence and move forward. Dennis, you’re a hard worker, and though you may stumble, we know you will achieve your goals. Congratulations!