It’s never too late to transform a life

Years of alcohol abuse wrecked Jeff’s life. It turned him into a person he didn’t like- a person who lied to himself and others, a person filled with shame. He came to Allentown Rescue Mission looking for help and soon joined the Transformation Program after seeing the positive impact it had on the other men. 

Since joining the program, Jeff has begun to put the pieces of his life back together. “My time here has been great. I’m learning a lot about God and getting closer to Him. I am learning to not lie to myself and face my fears.” Jeff claims. 

We’re happy to help Jeff and other men like him work to get their lives back on track who aren’t afraid to own up to their mistakes and move forward. Jeff is finding Hope again as he learns that God can bring healing to his life and as the Bible says in Joel 2:25, “God will restore the years that the locust has eaten”.