Transformation Program Graduate – Michael

Meet Michael, one of our Transformation Program graduates. Michael had a tumultuous childhood. His home was robbed three times, and he had a difficult time in school. He struggled to learn as quickly as the other students and had to take special education classes. “The only thing that motivated me to keep going in school were the chess classes I would take there.” Remembers, Michael.

Michael’s hardships continued as he grew, and he made many mistakes. Eventually he found himself homeless going from shelter to shelter, and from hospital to hospital. He recalls feeling like a “dead man walking”. During that time he would often recall something that his father would often tell him, “It’s hard to believe in God when you don’t know if He believes in you.”

Luckily a cop sent him to us. Michael told us, “The Transformation Program changed my live for the better. I am a much better man today. I’ve learned that I’m not walking alone, I’m walking with Jesus.” We’re proud of the work Michael has done and we know that if he keeps working on himself he’ll be able to accomplish his goals.