Transformation Program Graduate – Joseph

Joseph is one of our latest Transformation Program graduates. Joseph grew up in a low-income and abusive home. “Everyone was angry all the time; it was an angry house.” Recalls Joseph. This led him to lash out and make bad choices. His self-destructive pattern continued throughout this life, but he finally decided that enough was enough. 

Joseph asked around, looking for a place that could give him the tools to get a handle on his life. He eventually arrived at our doorstep. Here he found more than just a safe bed; he found people who cared and wanted the best for him. “At first, I didn’t trust it, but as I went through the program, I saw that God loves me and will put good people in my life.” Comments, Joseph. 

Joseph’s next steps are ensuring that he doesn’t revert to his old ways by keeping God in his heart and putting to use the lessons he’s learned with us. Good luck, Joseph, we know you can succeed!