Transformation Program Graduate – Randall

Randall recently graduated from our Transformation Program. Growing up, Randall had a good life and everything he needed. However, as an adult he began to drink alcohol and began losing control. “At first, I thought I was just having and I could stop whenever I wanted to” Randall recalls. Eventually he lost his connections with his family and friends. “Addiction is a weird thing. You want to stop, you know alcohol is no good for you, but you just crave it all the time.” Adds Randall.

Eventually Randall found himself in the Allentown Rescue Mission. After seeing the positive effect of the program on the other men, he decided to join. “I really like the program, it brought focus back to my life, and showed me that God has a plan.”

Now that Randall has graduated the program, he wants to continue working hard. In time he wants to prove himself to his wife and family so that he can reconnect with them. We wish you all the luck in the world, Randall!