Transformation Program Graduate – Charles

This is Charles, one of our Transformation Program graduates. Charles grew up in a close knit family surrounded by his parents and grandparents. As an only child, he received plenty of attention and love. As an adult, he heard about our work through one of his coworkers. His coworker told him how our Transformation Program helped turned his life around. He liked our work, but he never imagined he would need our services.

Years later, he and his wife of 14 years separated and he began to spiral. Soon he was homeless and afraid of asking for help. Still, Charles knew he was heading down the wrong path and had to make a change. That’s when he remembered what his old coworker had told, and he came to us to turn his life around.

He joined our Transformation Program with vigor and worked hard to turn over a new leaf. When asked about his commitment to the program, he responded, “I came here for a reason. I was on the wrong path and I was willing to do whatever it took to fix things.” Charles recommends the program to all of the men staying with us “It will bring you closer to God, and help you find guidance.”

Now that he’s graduated, he wants to find permanent employment and keep heading down the right path.