Transformation Program Graduate – John

Say hello to John; one of the latest Transformation Program graduates. John had typical life, but a series of catastrophes led him to homelessness. First, his wife passed away, and, soon after, his mom passed as well. Then he lost his job due to the pandemic, and fell into a deep depression. How could he not, right? Anyone would lose hope after experiencing such hardships in such a short period of time. He couldn’t find a job, his depression worsened, his savings ran out, and he lost his home. Eventually, he was hospitalized and had to find a place to stay once he got released from the hospital.

At first, finding a shelter to stay at was difficult since so many of them were closed due to covid-19, but luckily we were open. Here he joined our Transformation Program as a way to cope with his depression. “When I got depressed, it helped to turn to the Bible. Plus, in the program, I was able to be around other people.” John asserts. John recommends the program to any men that stays in our shelter, “it’s about more than just putting a roof over your head, it’s about setting goals for yourself.”

Now that John has graduated from the program he hopes to get a steady job, his own place, and reclaim his life. We are so glad to see John getting back on his feet, and we know his life will return to normalcy soon enough. And thank you to all of our supporters that make transformations like this possible.