Transformation Program Graduate – Amair

Meet this week’s Transformation Program graduate, Amair.  He stayed with us back in 2019, so he knew where to go for help when his housing situation became tenuous.

When Amair saw that his roommates weren’t the type of people he should surround himself with, he came to our Emergency Shelter to plan his next steps. “I came here from New York City to better my life, but my roommates and I didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things.” Recalled Amair. Amair received a warm place to sleep in the shelter, three meals a day, hot showers, and, most importantly, a sense of security.

Soon he joined the Transformation Program. He reassessed his situation, how he got there, and what he needed to do to improve his life in the program. The Transformation Program is a faith-based program is designed to teach homeless men life skills and job skills. “I learned to never leave Jesus out of anything”, commented Amair.

As a graduate, Amair can now join the Clean Team Workforce. In the Clean Team Workforce, Amair can do a variety of work, from landscaping to clean-ups and more, earn a paycheck, and save for an apartment. Amair hopes to save enough money and get a job that allows him to live without roommates. You can do it, Amair; we’re cheering for you!