Transformation Program Graduate – AJ

Depression and his breakup with his fiancé led AJ back to our Emergency Shelter. He’d spent time with us back in 2009, so he knew this was a safe place to get his bearings. “I was not happy. I had no plans for the future” recalls, AJ. He came back and re-enrolled in our Transformation Program with nowhere else to go. He was around men who understood his situation and staff to guide him in the program.

In the Transformation Program, AJ learned to trust in the Lord and have faith that his problems can be solved with His help. As a program graduate, he will start working with the Clean Team Workforce.  

As part of the Clean Team Workforce, AJ will work, learn new skills, save money, and hopefully find a permanent job with one of our community partners. Soon he will have saved enough money to get an apartment and continue his life. AJ has succeeded before, and we’re sure he can do it again.