Transformation Program Graduate – Eric

Meet today’s Transformation Program graduate, Eric. After some legal trouble, his caseworker recommended he come to us for help. “My life before was filled with alcohol, job jumping, and problems. But living at the Allentown Rescue Mission has been a great experience.” Eric affirmed.

Eric began his journey with us in the Emergency Shelter. There he received a warm bed, food, clothes, and understanding. After hearing about the Transformation Program and how it’s helped men in the past, Eric decided to give it a try.

The Transformation Program is designed to teach homeless men the skills they need to escape homelessness. Through education, empathy, and hard work, the men face their issues and improve their lives. Eric noted that the program allowed him to understand that alcohol was the root cause of his problems, and take responsibility for his actions. “I don’t want to wake up angry, bitter, or have negative thoughts.” Proclaimed, Eric.

Now that Eric has graduated, he plans to work for our Clean Team Workforce to save money and get an apartment. The Clean Team Workforce is a program that employs homeless men for clean-up jobs, light construction, and more. It’s one of the ways we’re more than just a shelter.