Transformation Program Graduate – Austin

When he lost his home, Austin stayed in motels and worked 12 hour days. He wanted to get back on his feet as quickly as possible, but he overexerted himself and passed out from low blood sugar. Austin explained his situation to the nurse at his job, and she told him about the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Austin first came to our Emergency Shelter to avoid living on the streets, but once he was here, he saw how the Transformation Program could improve his situation and decided to join. The Transformation Program is an optional course that the men in our shelter can take. They learn job and life skills, receive one-on-one coaching, study the Bible,  and develop a plan to escape homelessness.

Austin commented that the most impactful thing he learned in the program was “to keep  going forward and  always have positive thoughts to bring positive outcomes.” Now that he has completed the Transformation Program, Austin wants to work on the Clean Team Workforce.

As part of the Clean Team Workforce, Austin can earn and save money, learn job skills, and possibly gain permanent employment with one of our community partners. He hopes to be able to get an apartment soon and regain his independence.