Transformation Program Graduate – Nikiea

Congratulations to Nikiea for graduating from the Transformation Program! Nikiea moved to the area from southern Indiana with his cousin. However, he soon found that the path he was on wasn’t good and decided to make a change.

Nikiea wasn’t homeless, but he could stay at his old place if he wanted to change. So he came to our shelter to reassess his life and save up for a new home. Here, he joined the Transformation Program to learn life skills and get closer to God. Nikiea mentioned that the biggest lesson he’ll take from the program is- “God will always be by my side no matter what. Everything is possible through him.”

For now, Nikiea wants to keep God in his life, find a church to attend, and find a job. He wants to save up money and make sure he doesn’t go through this kind of ordeal again.