Transformation Program Graduate – Robert

Say hello to Robert, one of our latest Transformation Program graduates. Robert has had a difficult life. As a child his parents fought a lot, and he was in a life threatening collision while in the car with his mom and her boyfriend. Eventually he was adopted by another family and relocated to Pennsylvania.

Growing up he continued to struggle, but he kept working and pushing forward. Unfortunately, he found himself at a loss when his landlord raised his rent by $400. He couldn’t make ends meet and he spiraled. Eventually he found himself homeless. He had heard one of our ads on the radio and came to us for help.

In the Transformation Program, he focused on fostering his relationship with Christ, and now advises all program participants to do the same. His new motto is “All things can be accomplished through Christ.” He believes that anyone can find their way to God through the program.

Now that he’s finished the program, he wants to maintain his relationship with God, and put into practice what he’s learned to keep improving his life.

Life hasn’t been easy for Robert, but he’s a fighter. We are proud of what he has accomplished and wish him the best.