Transformation Program Graduate – Roberto

Meet one of latest Transformation Program graduates, Roberto. Remember him? We posted about him a few months ago when he took over caring for our courtyard! Roberto is the youngest of 12 siblings. He grew up on a farm, and as a child was involved in many sports such as, baseball, swimming, and martial arts. He was also involved in his church and was part of the choir. Growing up, he kept up his Christian teachings and would often help out those in need. In fact, that’s how he found out about the Allentown Rescue Mission. “Sitting in my truck, I saw a homeless man approach me. He asked me for some food, so I gave him something to eat. He then proceeded to tell me about the Allentown Rescue Mission.” He recalls. Everything was going well for Roberto, but like many, a single stroke of bad luck led him to homelessness.

He lost his job and had a hard time finding a new one. Soon his savings ran out and he found himself without a home. His family had spread throughout the country, and some were even in Italy. They also had their own lives and Roberto didn’t want to impose on them. Luckily, he remembered what the homeless man had told him, and headed to the Allentown Rescue Mission. Things were emotionally difficult for him at first, but he focused on his spiritual side and used the time to grow closer to God. He also began taking care of the courtyard, and taking on other responsibilities. “I want to be helpful and I want something to do throughout the day.” He says.

Besides getting more responsibilities, he also wants to keep improving his relationship with God and encourages the other men to do the same. He’s also looking forward to getting a new job, his own place, and a truck again. And in the future? “I hope to get married someday.” Roberto says. Roberto is a hard worker and we know he’ll soon be back on his feet. This bout of homelessness is only a pit stop on his road to greatness.