Monthly Clean Team Worker Spotlight – Mike K.

The Clean Team would like to congratulate their Worker of the Month for June, Michael Kulp.

Michael came to the Allentown Rescue Mission, needing help with his life circumstances. Michael was involved in a major vehicular accident in 2014, in which the driver of the other car was killed, and Michael lost the use of his right arm.  This event has continued to haunt him today and has caused him to live with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Michael has struggled with these issues for almost six years, and his disability is a constant reminder of the event.

The Transformation Program introduced Michael to Christ.  Although Michael is still unsure of his faith, he knows the program is excellent and is glad he came to the Allentown Rescue Mission for help.  During this time and with the help of Mission staff members and state caseworkers, Michael has been able to gain more control of his life by getting his driver’s license reinstated and by getting approved for disability payments.  He was also able to get medical insurance through Medicaid.  Michael has felt relief from having those issues resolved.

After Michael graduated from the Transformation Program on August 12, 2019, Michael became a volunteer at the Allentown Rescue Mission and donated his time cleaning, vacuuming, stocking supplies, etc. throughout the facility. The following month a position became available through the Clean Team in facilities, and Michael was a perfect fit. He was hired part-time and has done very well in his new job.

Michael’s work ethic demonstrates all 10 Workplace Values daily, but the one value that sticks out with Michael is that he is grateful.  He is grateful for having come to the Allentown Rescue Mission and for the help he has received in getting his life restored.  He is also grateful to give back and help others at the Mission.

Currently, Michael continues to work part-time with the Clean Team at the Allentown Rescue Mission.  Although limited in his ability, he is still able to work and perform most job functions and does a great job.  He starts his day early in the morning and is usually the first person seen by others coming into the building.  No longer depressed, Michael greets everyone with a smile while he is cleaning or vacuuming the floors.