Growing up, Jeff had a great childhood

Growing up, Jeff had a great childhood. He grew up in Lansdale in a nice house with his mother, father, brother and sister. Since he was the oldest, he was the first of the children to experience new things. Life changed for him when he was laid off from his job in October of 2019. Due to a mix up at the unemployment agency, he did not receive his money in time to pay for his apartment. He spoke to the pastor at his church who told him about the Allentown Rescue Mission and how their Transformation Program is something that could help. Jeff decided to come to the Allentown Rescue Mission and he says that the Transformation Program is definitely life changing. Through his experience, he says that he learned more about his faith. “I learned that the best way to seek God was through His word,” says Jeff. “The program puts you in a position to lead a better life spiritually and physically.” Jeff says that he eventually wants to save enough money to move back to Lansdale and begin working.

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