Justin has graduated!

Justin has graduated from the Transformation Program! He never imagined he would one day be a resident of the Allentown Rescue Mission. Unfortunately, as he grew older his health deteriorated and he became depressed. Eventually he couldn’t make enough money and subsequently lost his home. Fortunately, he remembered the Allentown Rescue Mission. He came in through our doors and found renewed hope while in our Transformation Program.

In the Program he found the tools he needed to realign his perspective in life, and make the changes necessary to improve his life. He likes to encourage the other men to take part in the Transformation Program. He tells them, “It’s a great program that can foster spiritual growth and aims to help everyone not just those who are Christian.”

Now that Justin has graduated from the program, Justin wants to keep working towards improving his health and finances, and eventually go to a bible college. We know his positive attitude and strong work ethic will allow him to reach his goals. Way to go Justin!

Justin did not want his face shared, but allowed us to take a picture of him addressing the other men and sharing his insight.