Bad company corrupts good morals

Bad company corrupts good morals: Raymond found this out the hard way. People whom he trusted in let him down, relationships fell apart, friendships were broken, Ray felt betrayed and abandoned. Down and out, Ray found himself homeless and back at the Mission for a 3rd time. This time it would be different though. Ray knew in his heart he needed to change, so he decided to enter the Mission’s Christian Living (“Transformation”) Program. Ray decided that he needed some solutions to his problems that involved more than just getting a job and saving money.

While in the Transformation Program, Ray says that he “got closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.” Ray began growing spiritually, and humbling himself to take responsibility for his actions, and own up to his own mistakes. Ray has learned how to ask for help, rather than try and do things in his own strength. Ray states that his time at the Mission has helped him deal with the overwhelming shame he has felt in his life, and to put a genuine smile on his face without the use of drugs or alcohol. Ray states that he is much more appreciative for the “little things” in life that he used to take for granted.

Ray has also been able to reconnect with his family, who are very proud of the man that he has become. By God’s Grace, Ray will continue to move forward in this next chapter of his life, as he prepares to secure his own apartment and once again live in the community, but this time a changed man by the power of Christ.

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