Three more amazing men graduate ready to take on the world

Zach, William, and Dakota are the newest graduates from the Transformation Program.  They have diverse backgrounds, and they are all joining the Clean Team to make their way into the workforce.

                Zach has been to the Mission several times, but this time was different: He became born again.  Like all the men who join our Transformation Program, Zach began his journey in the Gateway.  After a short stay he moved upstairs.  Unlike his previous stays, he said this stay gave him the necessary time to evaluate his life.  Resolving to, “take life seriously,” he found and accepted Christ.  While working on the Clean Team we will be helping him apply for classes at the Lehigh Carbon Community College.  He is interested in becoming a substance abuse counselor.  

                William has lived all over the United States, and has been homeless for long periods of the past decade.  He was working off the books as a landscaper in New Hope when he lost his job.  Shortly after that he lost his apartment.  He had enough money to get to the Allentown Rescue Mission where, after several days in our Gateway emergency shelter, he moved into our dorms and joined our Transformation Program.  He is rarely seen without his bible; it gives him “peace of mind.”  Welcome to the Clean Team William.  We look forward to working with you, and supporting you in reaching your goals.

                Dakota is a young man who came to the Mission after a brief stay in hospital.  He was on his way to completing his training as a diesel mechanic, but adverse circumstances intervened and he is now a part of the Mission family.  He credits our Transformation Program with helping him heal mentally, physically, and, perhaps most importantly, spiritually.  He has found a relationship with God, and he thanks his life coach, Curt, for all of the help and guidance he has provided.  While working on the Clean Team we will be doing our part to help Dakota get back into school and finish his diesel mechanic training.